Food and Drink For Healthy Bone is certainly very important for our body to keep bone healthy and free from bone loss or other bone problems. Bone is one part of the body which where healthy and strong then someone will be able to daily activities well. Bones need proper nutrition to be healthy and awake. And that becomes one of the important nutrient intake for bone health is kalsim. Where the need for adequate calcium to eat strength and health will increase and healthy.

Makanan Untuk Kesehatan Tulang
Makanan dan Minuman Untuk Kesehatan Tulang

Healthy Bone is something that should always be taken care of not to happen on such things as pain, osteoporosis, and other problems. To keep it of course we must meet the required nutritional intake from the intake of drinks, food and exercise well. When a person is 30 years old, there is often a problem with the bones because at that age the bone strength begins to decline. Thus, to have a healthy bone and also strong then needed healthy healthy food and many contain calcium and vitamin D. In addition we must avoid foods or beverages that contain high chemicals that can interfere with bone health.

To maintain healthy bones need to be consumed some kind of food or drink is good and healthy benefits. Calcium and also vitamin D is an important nutritional intake for bone health for everyone. As excessive enough calcium content must be fulfilled from the baby because of the nutritional content of the growth and if vitamin D is met properly it will avoid bone loss or the term osteoporosis.

Food and Drink For Healthy Bone

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Food and Drink For Healthy Bone


Food and Drink For Healthy Bone

Broccoli is a vegetable that contains lots of calcium and also vitamin K. Broccoli is very good consumed both from children and adults because it is good for the health of the body. One of the benefits of broccoli is to eliminate cancer and other diseases that can also nourish the bones. Eat this broccoli vegetables regularly then the bones will become stronger and healthier and avoid osteoporosis. Broccoli can be served with various types of cuisine or can be made according to individual taste.


Eggs are highly nutritious foods that contain high levels of vitamin D and protein. Where we already know the bones need a good nutritional intake such as vitamin D. So regular consumption of eggs will help nourish and strengthen the bones in our body.


Food and Drink For Healthy Bone

Yogurt is one of the fermented dairy products that can help nourish the bones. The content of vitamin D in yogurt is so high that it can meet the nutrients needed bone. By consuming 1 cup of yoghurt daily will suffice the needs of drinking water needed by the body and bones. And yogurt also works to recover bone loss so the bones will stay healthy and strong.


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Food and Drink For Healthy Bone

Milk is one of the beverages that become a good source of calcium for bone health. So much is on the growth to consume more milk. This thing can be healthy in the body fulfilled properly and the growth period can run well and healthy.

Orange Juice

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Food and Drink For Healthy Bone

Citrus fruits contain vitamin C is very good for the body, which we have known vitamin C is an antioxidant good for the body. In addition, vitamin C is also needed for healthy bone health and strong. Well, consume orange juice regularly every day then the daily calcium needs will be fulfilled well.

Almond Nut

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Food and Drink For Healthy Bone
Benefits of almonds for bone health may still not many people know. By regularly consuming a handful of almonds it will help meet the needs of calcium in the body reaches 18%. In addition, these almonds can also serve as a preventive heart disease. Come, snacking healthy with almonds