Foods that can lose weight more faster and healthy it can be a reference for you guys that are running healthy diet program. Have an ideal and healthy bodies naturally becomes a desire of many people. When a person has excess weight will be puzzling over how the body into a more ideal and interesting. A prideyourself if you have the perfect body, those with ideal body will be more confident and interesting point of view.

For those of
 you who have excess body weight that want to drop him a better way to do that is natural and healthy than to use the slimming drugs etcwhich later could be bad for the health of the body. The most important in the running of the diet is never leave early breakfast before 9:00 am but with the proper proportions and calories 200 calories maximum is met. For those who are on a diet or weight loss efforts could consume some foods that are able to lose weight without reducing your intake of necessary nutrients the body.

Here's some list of foods that should be there while on a diet to get body posture that is more interesting and ideal.


Cheese is a food that is able to help lose weight but keep in mind in consumption should be appropriately and not excessively. If excessive then it willinterfere with the body's health in cheese contain yeast that can impair the stomach and can also lead to gastric acid into the rise. The cheese is processed from milk fermented radi and milk in the cheese contain linoleic acid which is useful helping mebmbakar the fat in the body.


Foods that can lose weight more faster and healthy

The fungus can be used as a meat substitute foods when you're undergoing diet program. This is because the texture of the mushrooms are quite soft, chewy like meat and prepare your levels low enough so it's good for that being on a diet. The fungus itself can be processed into delicious dishes without eliminating the flavor.

Olive oil

Olive oil can become a substitute for cooking oil or butter is often used for frying dishes. Olive oil can that assist bdan lose weight because they contain healthy fats that will give the effect of fullness longer and able to controlappetite. Another benefit of olive oil as antioxidant and anti-inflammatorywhich is good for the body

Paprika chili


Foods that can lose weight more faster and healthy

 chili but its shape is similar to a round similar to apples. Paprika belongs to the types of vegetables with taste of typical sweet and a source i.e.vitamin c. vitamin C Source that is useful to prevent the occurrence of damage to the body's cells seta maintain the immune system.


The next weight loss food is salmon. This fish is one of the most sought after fish by consumers even producers of multivitamins and foods because its benefits are good for the body. This is because fat in the salmon can shrink the stomach and waist and also maintaining heart health. In addition the fatty acid omega-this can make insulin sensivitas be increased so that it canlower the fat on the stomach and also build muscle strength.


Ketika mengunyak makanan tubuh dengan otomatis akan melepaskan suatu hormon yang bernama CCK atau cholecystokinin yang dapat bekerja membuat kenyang lebih lama dan juga memperketat kantung perut. Tomat dalam hal ini baik untuk diet karena mengandung oligofructose yang bisa mempertahankan dan juga menjaga hormon CCK tersebut di perut. Selain itu senyawa lycopene dalam tomat dapat mencegah dan mengurangi resiko kanker dan juga melindungi kulit dari paparan sinar UV.


When mengunyak food body with automatically releasing a hormone called cholecystokinin or CCK which can work to make full longer and also tighten belly pouch. Tomatoes in it is good for dieting because it contains oligofructose who can defend and also keep the CCK hormones in the stomach. In addition compounds of lycopene in tomatoes may prevent and reduce the risk of cancer and also protects the skin from exposure to UV rays.

Foods that can lose weight more faster and healthy


Pears can be used as food for diet because in a PEAR contains high fiber and high water can make the effect of satiety for longer in the stomach. Pearscan be used as a dessert, dessert, healthy snack or can be used as a blend for salads


Many nutrition experts say that yogurt is good as food for diet program. This is because yogurt contains fat, protein and also karbohirat who can makesense of satiety for longer. In addition consume yogurt can keep sugar levels to normal.


Vinegar tastes sour aroma of adam and is often made for extra flavor in some kind of food contains free calories. It turns out the vinegar to control hunger and makes the stomach full for longer. But keep in mind in consuming vinegar preferably within normal limits and don't overdo it.


kayu manis

Foods that can lose weight more faster and healthy

 is a spice that is often used for seasoning to make it more delicious. Cinnamon has many benefits one of which is able to control the sugar levels and insulin can control that can prevent fat stored in the body.

oods to lose weight fast and healthy can be included in the list of foods to the diet with healthy and safe. Running weight loss program using natural food naturally takes a little but secure create health body thoroughly.