Do you like the colourful food? But  I mean is the color of natural foods, not the color of the dye. As it turns out, we can classify the kinds of healthy food based on its color as well.
This way is the easy way to make healthy food combination guidelines, especially for fruit and vegetables.

Rather than bother remembering the vitamins contained in the food, this can be a practical idea to choose a combination of veggies and fruit that varies its benefits.
Vincci Tsui, a diet expert at Calgary recommends we eat vegetable and fruitwith some combination of the following colours: purple, red, white, yellow/orange, Brownand green. The combination of these foods are often known as the diet of the Rainbow (Rainbow diet). Why is this so? First, display the colors of our food more appealing. Second, generally food color group it describes the content of vitamins and minerals in it.

Let's discuss together

Vegetable and fruit with purple color in general contain antioxidants and anthocyanis,which serves to prevent cell damage, reducing the risk of cancer, strokeand heart disease.
An example that we can eat grapes, purple cabbage, beets, plumsblueberries.


The Red vegetables and fruit in general contain anthocyanis and lycopene, that antioxidants prevent cancer as well as good for the health of the eyes and the heart.
Example of a red-coloured vegetable and fruit: watermelon, tomato, red bell pepper.


White color in food tends to be not interesting right? Although not exciting,vegetable and fruit white creature usually contain antioxidants that prevent cancer and maintain blood pressure. white vegetables also contain vitamin B, potassiumand fiber.
Examples are garlic, cauliflower, onions, mushrooms, potatoes.


Fruit and vegetables with yellow and orange color contain beta carotene that serves to increase the durability of the body and good for the health of the eyes. In addition, it also contains vitamin C which is good for the body as well as the durability of the beauty of the skin.
Lots of fruits and vegetables in this group, such as carrots, corn, sweet potatoes, orangesmangoes, apricots, pineapplebananas.


Brown foods contain lots of fiber which is good for digestion. In addition, they also contain B vitamins, vitamin E, iron and protein.
Brown food color we rarely encounter on fruits and vegetables. Different types of beans, brown rice, wheat or havermout are examples of food on this group.


Green food color obviously already we see. What are the content of vitamins and minerals in it? They contain lots of vitamin K, which is very good in blood clotting and help bone health. In addition, it usually also contains vitamins A, Cfolate, calcium, and iron-containing portion.
For example many of our encounter, such as spinach, peas, broccolisprouts, and other vegetables.
its Interesting right? In addition to healthy eating, the look of the menu at the dinner table into a beautiful variety of colors. Good luck.