Man was created, complete with the immune system. It is very important to fight against various types of seedling diseases ranging from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and free radicals and toxins that are dangerous to health. The threat always comes without us even knowing, but the durability of our body will automatically resolve it.


Mushrooms contain the minerals selenium and antioxidants. We are important tomeet the needs of selenium, because of low levels of selenium has been associated with an increased risk of more severe flu. Besides mushrooms also contain B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, which can support a healthy immune system. Research has been done on animals show that the fungus has the effect of antiviral, antibacterial,and anti-tumour.

The fruit is rich in water and refresh it, it has many powerful antioxidants, namely glutathione. This substance is known to be able to help strengthen the immune system so that it can reduce infection, glutathione is found in the flesh of the fruit watermelon red and near the skin (white).

Add the cabbage of any varieties (white, red, China) in the soup and drink so you get extra antioxidants. In addition to increasing the nutritional value of food, cabbage can also increase the durability of the body.

Almonds may support the immune system. A quarter Cup of almonds contains nearly 50% of the amount of vitamin E daily needs, which help improve the durability of the body. Almonds also contain riboflavin and niacin, vitamin B is also good for the body's defense system.

Orange can be a good food because they containflavonoids, namely natural chemical compounds that have been found to increase the activation of the immune system.

6.Low-Fat Yogurt
Some researchers believe that a low-fat yogurt can stimulate the immune system to fight the disease. It is also a source of vitamin d. recent studies have found a relationship between low vitamin D levels and increased risk of getting the flu and cough.

Green or black tea, both of which are great for keeping the body's endurance, the contents of polyphenols and flavonoids in tea has disease-fighting properties. These antioxidants are looking for free radicals that damage cells and destroy it.


Spinach vegetable known as a "super food" rich in nutrients. It contains folic acid, which can help the body produce new cells and repair DNA. Spinach also contains fiber, antioxidants, such as vitamin C, and more, so that's good for those who have the staying power of the body is weak.